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How well does your life work?

Ever feel like life is happening to you?
Maybe you experience surviving life rather than living it?

Imagine if the ability to change or improve your life was in your hands right now...

Kinesiology is an internationally recognized and non-invasive healing process. Find out how this powerful technique can assist you across a myriad of health, life, career, financial or relationship issues. More. >
Read what others have to say about Kinesiology and how we work:
Rather than us tell you how powerful this is, why not hear from some of our clients... More. >
Read Terese's story of how she came to be one of Sydney's top Kinesiologists
Terese Mudgway. >

Rooms for rent

If you are, or know of, a sole trader or natural therapist looking for a space to work from we may have the place for you. Large, light, airy room semi furnished. In the heart of Double Bay. Air conditioning and heating. Available on a daily or weekly basis. Call Terese on 0408 867 529 now or use the contact form for more details.


Self esteem and body image workshops for young people

A series of four workshops for Young People to help improve Self Esteem and Body Image.
Starting Thursday 7th March 2013, 430 - 630pm.

Click here to find out more.

Free e-book

Ever thought about learning to meditate? Or convinced you can't? Download a free e-book on the benefits of Transcendental Meditation and you may find enough compelling data to explore this ancient tradition.

For those of you who are already interested but don't know where to start, attending an introduction evening with one of Sydney's foremost meditation teachers, Tim Brown maybe ideal. For more information go to www.timbrownmeditation.com.

On the radio

Listen to Terese on MindFood Podcast at www.mindfood.com

Client appointment form

Download the client appointment form here.

Why day dreaming is important?

Though considered by many as a mere waste of precious time, daydreaming, when utilized to its full capacity, actually has the ability to greatly enhance our personal, psychological, emotional and even physical well-being.

Read more from Ash Morse.

New to the NZ team

I know one of the challenges for NZ clients is that Terese is not there full time. However, there is good news - there are now two very talented and competent colleagues who are available to see clients on a far more regular basis. For more information click here.


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