4:52am Sydney, Australia
Paula Kotowicz, Counsellor

Specialising in Eating Disorders, Eating and Body Image Issues

As well as the fairly ‘normal’ teenage angst that young women felt about their bodies in the
1980’s, I was touched in a significant way by negative body image and eating disorders, when I
was a full-time ballet student at the WA Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA). The havoc
wreaked by eating disorders on young, talented lives, was shocking and distressing.

Twenty or so years and one undergraduate degree in applied social sciences (counselling major) later and I was able to draw on my experiences at WAAPA when I began working in the eating disorders field at first The Eating Disorders Foundation of NSW and then The Butterfly Foundation. In my six combined years, my two most cherished roles were: 1. Being on the coalface providing counselling support to sufferers or carers either on the phone, email or face to face; 2. Developing and delivering evidence based education programs for school students, disadvantaged youth, at-risk youth and professionals working with youth. In 2012 I left Butterfly to start my own private practice and consulting business.

Since May 2012, I have been working in Private Practice providing services to clients aged 12+ with these issues. My services are innovative and include my Food and Meal Therapy™ which I developed out of a need to help eating disorder sufferers learn how to eat normally again as they recover from their illness. As well I have been developing and delivering workshops for mental health support organisations and delivering workshops for young people, parents and professionals. I also present at conferences to professionals such as pharmacists, anesthetists and psychologists.

For appointments, please contact Paula on
0414 585 358 or 02 9363 4470
paulajkotowicz@gmail.com or at www.paulakotowicz.com