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It's all very well us telling you the results our clients have generated as a result of seeing us, but why not hear it from them...

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Kinesiology can be a tricky thing to explain or understand even for people who have experienced it.
To assist others who are interested, but unsure of what they could expect or gain from having kinesiology, we would love you to share your experience/s with them.
If you have found your session/s beneficial in anyway, and would be happy to share them, we would greatly appreciate you taking a moment to complete the following testimonial form.
Please feel free to complete all or part of the form. (It is optional if you would like to include your personal details). If for any reason you did not continue with kinesiology following your initial session/s, we would also love to hear from you. You will find a section at the end of the questionnaire where you can include your comments and feedback.
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