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It's all very well us telling you the results our clients have generated as a result of seeing us, but why not hear it from them...

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"Depression is melancholy minus its charms"
Susan Sontag
“I've suffered from depression and anxiety since I was a teenager. For 20
years, I've sought help through therapy and medication with varying degrees
of success. Within an hour of meeting Terese a year ago, she had me figured
out. Since then she's guided me on an amazing transformational journey. I no
longer feel depressed and anxious, I have tools to deal with my "stuff" when
I need to, and I can say that I'm happy for the first time in years. Terese
is awesome, open your heart and mind and you too can get results like me.”

James; Company Owner; 40 something!, Auckland, New Zealand

“Before I meet Terese I was suffering migraines/ headaches, depression, anxiety and back pain. I sought help through counselling and clinical psychologist, I felt that I was suffering in all areas in my life, personally, relationships and professionally. After seeing Terese for nine months I feel like for the first time in as long as I can remember I feel fantastic. I feel like Iím on top in my world, in my relationship, professionally and importantly personally. All of the suffering of migraines/ headaches, depression, anxiety and back pain have subsided.”

Kate; 28 y/o; Executive Assistant, Sydney, Australia