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Let our clients tell you about their experience..

It's all very well us telling you the results our clients have generated as a result of seeing us, but why not hear it from them...

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"Trust yourself. Create the kind of self that you will be happy to live with all your life. Make the most of yourself by fanning the tiny, inner sparks of possibility into flames of achievement."
Golda Meir
“Kinesiology has allowed me to let go of limiting beliefs I had about myself and taught me how to trust my inner self and the choices that I make in my life. I now have a powerful sense of self worth and life is so much easier.

Sarah; 36 y/o; Interior Designer, Sydney, Australia

“Before I meet Terese I was suffering migraines/ headaches, depression, anxiety and back pain. I sought help through counselling and clinical psychologist, I felt that I was suffering in all areas in my life, personally, relationships and professionally. After seeing Terese for nine months I feel like for the first time in as long as I can remember I feel fantastic. I feel like I’m on top in my world, in my relationship, professionally and importantly personally. All of the suffering of migraines/ headaches, depression, anxiety and back pain have subsided.”

Kate; 28 y/o; Executive Assistant, Sydney, Australia

“"I tell you what, this has been my year in such a big way since having Kinesiology on a regular basis! I have got a 'whopper', 'enormous' pay rise, more free lance clients, two overseas holidays visiting three different countries, working on the Sydney NYE party, a lovely lady and being head hunted for the first time in my life!! People should know what is possible through this work.....not just change but 'epic' change!"”

Daniel, 33 y/o, Designer, Sydney, Australia

“For the past 15 years my family has been fractured & distance, the result of my father walking out 15 years prior. Oblivious to me were the ‘stories’ and ‘behaviours’ I had developed to ‘cope’ with the abandonment, which were not only preventing me from being present but perpetuating the distance within my family, career and life. 6 months ago Terese assisted me to develop the courage to contact my father, to seek a relationship, provide forgiveness and immediately a bond was formed. I did not know where the relationship would go or what it would look like, but what I know is that I now have a father for the 1st time in 15 years. Someone who calls, who cares, who I can share my journey with. My actions have inspired my brothers who too are now seeking a relationship and in turn bringing us even closer together. Fading is my ‘story’, gone are my old ‘beliefs’, replaced with the present acceptance of who I am and my place in my family. This Christmas we will be all together, but it will be different, because we will want to be there and enjoy the company of what is a born-again family.”

Chris, 30 y/o; CEO, Sydney Australia