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"Parents are not interested in justice, they're interested in peace and quiet."
Bill Cosby
“My daughter and I experienced a very rocky patch of many months when she entered her teenage years. We seemed completely unable to communicate without inflicting pain and hurt on each other. I was desperate to have some open and honest conversation with her without it escalating into 'World War Three'. We attended Kinesiology sessions both together and separately. It has changed my daughter's and my relationship in a hugely positive way.”

Rosemarie; 50 y/o; Mother and manager, Auckland, New Zealand

“"My 7 year old son Thomas is a beautiful and creative boy. He had all he needed and an abundance of love but seem to be frustrated and angry with himself and the world. This made him very inflexible and argumentative which affected his relationships with others. Terese was able to clear many of Thomas' frustrations and worries and he has become a much more relaxed and lovable boy. Soon afterseeing Terese he received a merit award at school for showing maturity and patience - we were all thrilled. We have great faith and trust in Terese." ”

Fiona and David., Sydney, Australia

“I cannot recommend Terese highly enough! Whether the problem is medical, emotional, physical or spiritual, Terese always finds the cause and resolves it. My toddler daughter kept getting recurring cystitis, and several rounds of antibiotics hadn't helped. The next resort was to tale her to a specialist for invasive testing. Instead, I took her to Terese, who diagnosed and solved a food intolerance and an emotional problem manifesting as cystitis. I took her at midday, by 3pm the same day the cystitis, which she had had for weeks, was gone, and it hasn't recurred.
Similarly, I was stuck in a job I hated. I had always wanted to be a writer, but didn't have the courage to even start. After a few sessions with Terese, the fear started to shift and now, a few years later, my first novel is being published. Terese moved and resolved issues for me that a decade of counselling had't been able to solve. Thanks to Terese, I am now living a life I had never even dared to dream was possible before, and any time I feel fear or a problem coming up, I see Terese and it's as good as gone. She is always the first port of call for me and my entire family, no matter what the issue.”

Vanessa, Mother and Author, Sydney, Australia