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It's all very well us telling you the results our clients have generated as a result of seeing us, but why not hear it from them...

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"Life is sweeter, brighter and lighter since I started meeting with Terese."
“For some time before I met Terese, I was stuck in a rut. I knew things were not working in my life but was unsure of what steps to take to get back on track. Fortunately, for me, Terese was invited to speak at a meeting I attended and from the first word of her presentation, I was hooked. I felt she was speaking to me and my circumstances. Still, it took me a good couple of months before I got the courage to call Terese to set up my first appointment. The first few months were difficult. I was shut down emotionally and found it extremely difficult to talk about myself and my life and why I was stuck and unhappy. I ended up taking a break for a couple of months.

Then, at the start of 2011, I resumed meeting with Terese and havenít looked back. The meetings are still difficult at times but I have never felt more comfortable and secure with someone as I do with Terese. She is genuine, kind, generous, compassionate, with a great sense of humour. Tereseís no nonsense or tough love approach means she will not accept any excuses or reasons as to why things canít be done or goals canít be achieved.

I have seen results, both within myself and also what I refer to as tangible results, in terms of my health, work and relationships. Various people in my life have noticed and commented favourably on the changes.

I started with Terese feeling quite jaded, sceptical and was in a negative space generally. Now I feel refreshed, energetic and positive. Itís the best thing I have done for myself.
I cannot speak highly enough of Terese. I highly recommend that you meet with Terese and you will be pleasantly surprised at where you end up.”

Kimberley, 38yo, Solicitor, Sydney Australia

“I was stuck in a job I hated. I had always wanted to be a writer, but didn't have the courage to even start. After a few sessions with Terese, the fear started to shift and now, a few years later, my first novel is being published. Terese moved and resolved issues for me that a decade of counselling had't been able to solve. Thanks to Terese, I am now living a life I had never even dared to dream was possible before, and any time I feel fear or a problem coming up, I see Terese and it's as good as gone. She is always the first port of call for me and my entire family, no matter what the issue. ”

Vanessa, Mother and Author, Sydney, Australia

“ďI initially saw Terese because I was un-happy with my place in the world. I had conflict issues with family, friends, co-workers and I could never understand why everything in my life was so difficult. Funnily enough it wasnít the people in my life that had the problem, it was me! It came down to my opinion of myself. My colleagues, family and friends would perhaps say I had an overinflated ego and loved myself, but deep down it was quite the opposite. For me to say that I loved myself would have been easy to say out loud, but deep down I didnít really mean it. Sadly I think lot of people would be in the same boat. I functioned in society, but it was a struggle. I had alcohol, food and drug problems. I wasnít drinking every day, but I would write myself off every weekend. There wasnít one big event in my life that lead me to where I was; An obese, drug and alcohol dependent finance worker(half of Sydney right?) with a wonderful partner/friends/family and life that I couldnít see. It was a lot of little things I had picked up over the years and that started a conversation in my head that ďI had no worthĒ and ďPoor old meĒ. Thankfully Terese changed all that before I could do any real damage to myself. She pin points moments in my life that causes internal conflict. There is no lying or hiding, to which I am extremely versed, through her sessions only truth. That honesty made me see reality and know I live a life of love and possibilty.
Now I see Terese every few months for a tune up. It feels as though Iím uploading new software and running a virus scan on myself. Thatís what Terese does for my well-being. Personally, I want to be operating to the best of my ability with no emotional baggage, not only for myself but because my wife and child deserve only the best of me. Every session is very surreal, I feel like I step through myself and come out a bigger, brighter more loving version of me! Itís Increadible!
I think everyone deserves to be the best person they can be. So if youíre feeling short-changed in your life, for whatever reason, go and see Terese and be all you can be.”

James, Manager, Sydney, Australia

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