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Money > The money trap

"A moderate addiction to money may not always be hurtful; but when taken in excess it is nearly always bad for the health."
Clarence Day
“I was always so driven by money and wanting to be successful that I forgot to enjoy my life along the way. It didn't matter how much stuff I had, it didn't ever feel fulfilling and satisfying. I now have tools and an understanding why I was living my life like that. I am now free 'the trap', enjoying what I do and loving the rewards. Interestingly enough my success and finances have continued to grow - just more effortlessly!”

Christopher; 42; Business Owner, Sydney, Australia

“I first visited Terese 18 months ago and to be honest I really wasnít sure why. However after some fairly confronting conversation the reasons became evident pretty quickly. I was cruising through life without any particular direction or purpose and as I result I was frustrated and bored. Terese had an amazing knack of pinpointing the areas of my life that needed focus and also taught me the psychological skills needed to get back in control. Iím now on a completely new life and career path and have never felt as focused as I do now. Iíve recommended Terese to many friends who have all benefited greatly from her honest and caring approach.”

Phil, 35 y/o, Sydney, Australia