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Most people find themselves here, exactly where you are, because a friend, family member, colleague or acquaintance is already a client of ours, or at least knows someone who is.

We feel very proud that our business has been built on referrals alone.

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In short, here’s the top line about who we are and what we do.

 Have you ever considered life could be easier? More fulfilling? More fun? More rewarding? More….?

Maybe you are an organisation looking to add to your wellbeing program, or an alternative offer for your staff to support them in improving their overall health and / or mindset? Or perhaps the productivity and performance of your executive team is the priority?

We do what we do, because we are committed to empowering people, just like You, to live a life you love. A life which honours the who you are and all you can be.

So if you’d like to discover new ways to iron out the bumps in life, and glide a little more, call us. 


Terese Mudgway

After spending nearly 15 years as a leading marketing professional in New Zealand and Australia, I found myself a little deflated, uninspired and unfulfilled. I was looking for more.

There were many components of my corporate career I enjoyed, but I knew I wanted something more meaningful and rewarding.

I had grown up with a father who was a Dr of Chiropractic, so I’d always known about Applied Kinesiology and had an observatory fascination with it. It wasn’t until I was visiting my chiropractor in Sydney that I realised Kinesiology was now an independent modality. In that moment I knew what my purpose was.

Following four years of study, and graduating with an International Diploma of Professional Kinesiology Practices (ICPKP), I opened my first practice. I now see clients both in Australia and internationally.

I have since gone on to take Kinesiology into corporates where it is integrated as part of organisations wellbeing programs. I work with executive teams on productivity and performance and run workshops all founded in the philosophies and techniques of Kinesiology.

I have never been known to do things by halves, so along with running my clinics, and developing bespoke corporate wellbeing programs, I recently opened a kinesiology college (insert link) with my long-standing friend and colleagues Sarah Gilmour-Mayne.

You could say I love what I do!!! 

Chrissy Holland

I absolutely love the work that I do! Empowering you to take back control of your well-being and teaching you how to keep moving forward in good health and with lots of happiness.

Over the years, I’ve learned that sacrificing your well-being gets you nowhere fast. It just leads to poor sleep patterns, uncharacteristic bouts of resentment or anger, feelings of being lost or stuck, and an uncertainty about your future.

After 14 years living in Asia where I worked in corporate events and marketing in the sports and banking industries, I returned home to Sydney and decided to seek a career that allowed me more balance, connection and time with my children. Yet I was unsure of what that looked like for me. In searching for clarity and support through life’s ups and downs, I discovered kinesiology.

Kinesiology helped me survive a really rough time in my life in a way I’m not sure any other form of healing could have.

I started sleeping better, felt calmer and I stopped feeling sorry for myself. I quit the negative self-talk and gave myself permission to learn how to share these healing forces.

Finally, I was finding my way back to myself and my purpose. Helping other people has always come instinctively to me. With kinesiology, I was inspired to do that. To help other people help themselves. 


When you understand the quantum physics of energy and connection you will know  why we smile each time someone finds their way to our website.

When you connect with us, YOU help us fulfil our purpose, as we assist you in  fulfilling yours……and who doesn’t love a win win outcome?! 

We’d love to hear from you - questions, queries, comments, feedback or anything  you would like to share, please put your fingers to the keyboard, and connect. 

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Terese Mudgway

Chrissy Holland

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Just in-case you’d like to know more, here are some interviews that tell you more  about what we do and how we work. You may also find some great little tools and  tips…

Enter But… hang on, what is Kinesiology? Many people may have never heard the word, let alone know what it could do for their body and mind.Kinesiology is a holistic therapy that identify imbalances in the body’s structural, chemical, and emotional energy. At Beautiful Minds, we can wholeheartedly say it is

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Executive Programs

Wellbeing programs are growing in organisations across the world. They are becoming an integral component of the HR deliverables. Even now more than ever, companies recognise the overall health, happiness and wellbeing of their employees impacts productivity, performance and the bottom line of the business.

We know the positive results Kinesiology has on individuals, and the ripple effect this has on all areas of their lives, including their job/work. So much so that we have worked with CEO’s, company directors and owners as clients. Due to the results and changes they have experienced within themselves, these clients have then requested we deliver programs harnessing the transformative work we do with individuals, and develop bespoke programs for their teams, employees and staff.

If you are interested in learning more about how we can help you raise the productivity, performance and overall wellbeing and happiness within your organisation, please click here and we will be in touch to discuss how we can work together.


Now we know you are not here for a Kinesiology lesson, so we will keep it short.

Of course if you’d like a further in-depth understanding please email us (insert link) and we’d be happy to send you a much more comprehensive description. In the meantime, here’s the short version:

Based on the foundations of Eastern & Western philosophy & underpinned by science, Kinesiology encompasses the holistic functionality of what it is to be human – physical, mental, emotional, biochemical and spiritual (whatever that represents to you personally) 

Kinesiology accesses the unique essence of each person through a biofeedback mechanism called muscle testing. It uses this to assess and upgrade the client's responses to all variations of stresses, including internal and external, conscious and subconscious. As we are all unique, Kinesiology essentially empowers each individual to create a pathway from where they are now, to where they choose to be both within themselves and their life. 

Utilising a wide range of resources including subconscious realigning, nutrition, acupressure, coaching, muscle or structural rebalancing & emotional clearing, to name just a few, Kinesiology is truly holistic. 

Kinesiology allows the body to use its natural ability to heal, as the innate guide for the client….so no two appointments, like no two people, are ever the same. 

Kinesiology changes lives.

Human Design

Wouldn’t it be great to be born into this life, handed a book and told…. “Here’s your ‘user manual’ that is unique to you. It contains the information you’ll need to get the most out of your life and how to be the best version of you”

Well, that is basically what this offers you.

We know life doesn’t always go according to plan, and there are curve balls along the way. We are bombarded with ideas, opinions, advise and more. Often self doubt, confusion and sometimes chaos begins to arise. That’s because humans are not ‘a one size fits all’ model.

The road to being your happiest, most empowered and successful self is one that is totally unique to you.

Human Design helps you recognise your innate talents, gifts, traits, strengths and strategies so you can fully realise the potential of who you can be with effortless ease.

To learn your Human Design...

Complete the form we will be in touch to book your appointment to receive your ‘user manual’.

"Success Stories... from the people who matter... our clients."

It's all very well us telling you the results our clients have generated as a result of seeing us, but why not hear it from them...

Personal Success Stories

“In the past 18 months I have experienced huge leaps forward in both my professional and  personal life. I directly attribute this progress to the work Terese and I have done together  that has facilitated direction and belief in my life, something I always struggled to find. It has  been a fascinating journey and experience and long may it continue.

Rob; 31,  State Manager, Sydney, Australia

“I first met Terese in 2003 when the family business was in the process of moving to bigger premises ,I had just become a director and as I was the sole person in the company responsible for sales, I was feeling the pressure ,had just destroyed my first marriage and was on a path to self destruction.

Terese helped me realize that it is not possible to have your wishes carried out by a team of people if you are communicating your instructions by mental telepathy and pot luck. Terese has helped me develop my skills in every area of my life, from personal relationships to professional management and goal setting and guided me through the dark times Today I have a successful second marriage and a growing healthy business and a more balanced life.

Terese is truly the most Authentic and skilled communicator I have ever met. No one ever said you had to work it out by yourself,so don’t. You are not alone.”

Craig; 38, Company Director and Owner, Sydney, Australia

“My two young daughters and I have been seeing Terese Mudgway for kinesiology for the past twelve months. The changes and improvements in all our lives have been marked. My younger daughter was struggling with anxiety related issues. The changes she has experienced due to kinesiology has been profound and have unquestionably improved her life. Her resilience has been greatly improved and increased and she is far happier, more secure and better able to manage challenging situations. This description in how positive the change has been in her, does not do it justice. Put simply, she is a different child. Terese has a lovely, calming demeanour which makes it a pleasure to attend appointments, which is important especially for children.

I thoroughly and unreservedly recommend Terese Mudgway to anyone and everyone.”

PAULA; COUNSELLOR, Sydney; Australia

“I was always so driven by money and wanting to be successful that I forgot to enjoy my life along the way. It didn't matter how much stuff I had, it didn't ever feel fulfilling and satisfying. I am now free 'the trap', enjoying what I do and loving the rewards. Interestingly enough my success and finances have continued to grow - just more effortlessly!”

Christopher; 42, business owner, sydney, australia

“Kinesiology has allowed me to let go of limiting beliefs I had about myself and taught me how to trust my inner self and the choices that I make in my life. I now have a powerful sense of self worth and life is so much easier.”

sarah; 36, interior designer, QLD, Australia

"Not just change but 'epic' change!"

"I tell you what, this has been my year in such a big way since having Kinesiology on a regular basis! I have got a 'whopper', 'enormous' pay rise, more freelance clients, two overseas holidays visiting three different countries, working on the Sydney NYE party, a lovely lady and being headhunted for the first time in my life!! People should know what is possible through this work...

Daniel, 33


Sydney, Australia


"Success quickly became a priority"

“At the time, success in my career was not the priority I was dealing with, however facing a significant business pitch that offered a potential $600,000 to my business/company, success quickly became a priority. I won the contract and my company continues to grow in a competitive market through the financial crises." 


Company Director and Owner
Sydney, Australia


"Terese, and Kinesiology, has assisted me on an amazing transformational journey."

“I've suffered from depression and anxiety since I was a teenager. For 20 years, I've sought help through therapy and medication with varying degrees of success. I no longer feel depressed and anxious, I have tools to deal with my "stuff". I can say that I'm happy for the first time in years.“

James, 40s

Company Owner
Auckland, New Zealand


"Terese helped me resolve issues that a decade of counselling hadn't been able to solve."

“I was stuck in a job I hated. I had always wanted to be a writer, but didn't have the courage to even start. After a few sessions with Terese, the fear started to shift and now, a few years later, my first novel is being published. I am now living a life I had never even dared to dream was possible before, and any time I feel fear or a problem coming up, I see Terese and it's as good as gone. Kinesiology is now always my first port of calle, no matter what the issue.”


Mother and Author

Sydney, Australia


"We have great faith and trust in Terese."

"My 7 year old son Thomas is a beautiful and creative boy. He had all he needed and an abundance of love but seem to be frustrated and angry with himself and the world. This made him very inflexible and argumentative which affected his relationships with others. Terese was able to clear many of Thomas' frustrations and worries and he has become a
much more relaxed and lovable boy. Soon after seeing Terese he received a merit award at school for showing maturity and patience - we were all thrilled. 

Fiona and David

NSW, Australia


"After seeing Terese for nine months I feel like for the first time in as long as I can remember I feel fantastic."

“Before I meet Terese I was suffering migraines/ headaches, depression, anxiety and back pain. I sought help through counselling and clinical psychologist, I felt that I was suffering in all areas in my life, personally, relationships and professionally. I feel like I’m on top in my world, in my relationship, professionally and importantly personally. All of the suffering of migraines/ headaches, depression, anxiety and back pain have subsided.”

Kate, 38

Executive Assistant
Sydney, Australia


“I have been a regular client of Terese’s for approximately 4 years."

"I came to Terese as my doctor had just confirmed that I had developed an underactive thyroid and high blood sugar levels. My doctor was recommending regular medication to control these conditions. Following 2 sessions with Terese, and using kinesiology, further blood tests have shown that my thyroid function and blood sugar levels are in the middle of the healthy range.”

Natasha, 47

Company Director

Sydney, Australia


"I finally feel like I am the master of my body not the other way around.”

“Seeing Terese has helped me immensely in my quest to lose weight, her way of working had taken me straight to the heart of the matter/s and after years of struggling with diets and willpower." 

Ngaire, 45

Mother and Account Manager
Auckland, New Zealand


"Thanks to Kinesiology and Terese I’m now progressing with new confidence in life and purpose."

“The pain I experienced in my hips has cleared entirely, my digestion has improved remarkably, my skin is glowing." 

Amy Massey

Auckland, New Zealand


Corporate Success Stories

“We engaged Terese to run a culture reset offsite for a group of 45 very talented, smart, and outspoken digital media professionals. Terese ran several workshops prior to the day to define our company values, which provided much-needed parameters to be able to effectively focus on our culture.

We are a rowdy bunch and can be a challenge for even the finest of facilitators. Yet Terese gracefully kept us on track throughout the entire day with a combination of informational, interactive, and team building sessions. 

The day was a huge success and the team spoke highly of Terese and her creative  approach. She was extremely generous with her experience and learnings and we were  all given the capacity to call her after the event – something I had never encountered  in the more than 20 years of attending numerous other corporate training events.”

steve west, managing partner APac, the growth architects

“Thank you for being our keynote speaker for our annual conference. You have inspired us on a professional and personal level. You really do walk your talk. You left us all wanting to do better and move our kinesiology practices forward. Our committee has asked could we have you again next year.”

JEANNINE De Vere hunt, chancellor, kinesiology practitioner's accreditation board, auckland, new zealand

“The Connect Forum was established within Westfield in 2009 and was brought about to encourage high performing Women from a variety of disciplines to network and share their experiences. The aim is to encourage women to stay and explore reasons behind why their career is not advancing despite achieving high KPI results.The forum invites speakers from a variety of fields, Professors, Academics, CEO’s, Sports Psychologists and Business Coaches to present, sharing their experiences and providing insight.

We invited Terese Mudgway to speak at our forum in August 2010, where she presented to a full house. There was a strong interest in Terese prior to her presentation, as it was the first time that we had someone to talk from a personal angle. Terese speaks with Integrity, confidence, conviction and compassion and delivered a message that resonated. There were of course some sceptics in the room at the outset who were transformed through the presentation due to the personal experiences the group shared.

It is part of Terese’s magic as a presenter to interact and extract what is hiding beneath the surface and deliver to the individual and group a lesson that a particular story may provide. Terese was ranked the best Speaker in 2010 and instigated a shift in the strategic direction for the forum going forward. Terese Mudgway is a powerful presenter and I strongly believe that organisations that partner with her will reap enormous benefits.”


Workshops & More

Interested in Studying Kinesiology? Click here to find out more about our International Certificate and Diploma of PKP Kinesiology Due to popular demand (from clients and students alike) we are currently developing a range of workshops all around empowering you.

The first cab off the rank is our Kinesiology Self Care Workshop. To find out more click here. 

If you would like to be one of the first to receive information on one of are new workshops which are the under ‘construction’ : 

  • Unpacking your purpose
  • Recapturing your relationship
  • Advance Communication
  • Know yourself and grow yourself
  • Productivity and Performance